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There are quite a few choices for ways to feed your birds with our wild birdseed and other products. Be sure to take a good look at them when you visit us for your wild birdfeed.


WOODEN FEEDERS: These work well if their roof is large enough to protect the seed from rain and snow. A good sturdy wooden feeder will last many years.

SQUIRREL-PROOF: These can be more expensive but are good for keeping squirrels away. They work on a cantilever or spring principle. The squirrel's weight closes the feed opening so they can't get access to the food. See photos below showing these feeders for seeds and also for suet cakes.

PLASTIC UNITS: These may be fine for a short time, but tend to become brittle with age, especially during extreme cold spells. Squirrels also can cause damage to these cheaper feeders.

NYJER AND FINCH FEEDERS: These are usually tube-type feeders with a very small teardrop opening. There are a number of various designs - come to the Bogle Seeds Store to see them. Only the slender beaks of finches, redpolls and pine siskins can access this feeder.

TABLE-TOP FEEDERS: These are usually just a piece of plywood on a pole and can be very effective. Many birds feel secure on this open space feeder. Be sure to keep this feeder clean and free from any mouldy seed.

HUMMINGBIRD: A special liquid can be made quite easily and stored in your refrigerator. Boil 4 cups of water with 1 cup of white sugar. Red food colouring often added is not necessary. When the solution begins to turn cloudy it is time to replace it.

Squirrel Buster Feeder (Click photo to enlarge)
Squirrel Buster Suet Feeder (Click photo to enlarge)

Hummingbird Feeder (Click photo to enlarge)
Nyjer-Finch Feeder (Click photo to enlarge)


HANGING TREE: These feeders may be the easiest to install, but are an invitation to the squirrels. If squirrels are not a problem, then birds do find this protected area attractive.

POLE OR POST UNITS: These are usually excellent as you can install effective squirrel baffles.

BAFFLES: These can be purchased or you can place a large diameter stove pipe over the post, attached to the bottom of a wooden feeder.

WINDOW UNITS: These are fun to use for the small birds. Chickadees and sparrows often will come close enough to get some favourite goodies.

BIRD BATHS: These are often a popular gathering spot for the birds as water becomes scarce during dry, hot summers and freezing winters. A bird bath heater will allow the baths to be used during the coldest winter days.


Hummingbird Feeder on a Shepherd's Hook.
View showing two hanging feeders near a window
Hanging Suet Cage

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