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Bogle Seeds

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Q.   Can we contact you using FACEBOOK?
A.    Yes we are now on FACEBOOK (Bogle Seeds). Please "like us".

Q.   Does Bogle Seeds deliver their products?
A.   No.

Q.  Can I phone in my order for pickup at a pre-arranged time?
A.  Yes, during our regular business hours.

Q.  Do you sell food for my pet Budgies and Parakeets?
A.  No. Bogle Seeds specializes in Wild Bird Seed & Livestock Feed.

Q.  Do you accept Credit Cards for payment?
A.  No. Payment may be made by CASH, CHEQUE or Personal eTransfer (last two options with identification).

Q.  Will you invoice me for items that I buy?
A.  No. Payment must be made at the time you purchase products at our farm.

Q.  Are you open on Statutory Holidays?
A.  NO, please check the "CONTACT" PAGE for Holiday Dates.

Q.  I operate a horse farm. Do you offer quantity discounts on any of your products?
A.  No.

Q.  When is the best time for me to see the sunflowers in full bloom?
A.  NOTE: We will not be open for persons simply wishing to view the sunflowers - however, as usual, customers are welcome to purchase from the large variety of products on display in the barn.

Q.  When do you harvest the sunflowers?
A.  Usually around the 1st of October.

Q.  How do you harvest your sunflowers?
A.  The sunflowers must be completely dry prior to harvesting. We use a special attachment on the combine to cut high enough to remove the sunflower heads.

Q.  What happens to the stalks left in the field after harvest?
A.  We disc them into the soil to provide additional organic matter.

Q.  How do you keep Squirrels and Blackbirds away from the seeds?
A.  We sell products which will mitigate this problem. Visit our "Bird Feeders" page to review these products.

Q.  Should I be using "squirrel proof seed"?
A.  BE CAUTIOUS WHEN CONSIDERING THIS OPTION! We have a detailed warning outlined on the "Bird Feeders" page. Click on the "Tips on Bird Feeding" link for more information.

Q.  Should I be feeding the birds in the Summer?
A.  Yes. This gives you a great opportunity to see the parents bringing their baby birds to the feeding station. You will often see the parent regurgitating undigested seeds into the baby's open beak.

Q.  We ran out of Bogle bird seed and bought some from another source. Now we find that the birds have abandoned our feeder. What can we do to get them to return?
A.  Obviously your birds do not like the other seed mix. Remove all of the seed from your feeder and replenish it with Bogle bird seeds and the birds will come back.

Q.  We recently moved into a new house and there are no trees or shrubs nearby. Our cats love watching the birds. How can we install some bird feeders near the house so the kitties can watch the birds from our bedroom window?
A.  Go to your local Garden Centre and purchase a shepherd's hook. Your feeder can be hung from this hook and your kitties will enjoy watching the birds. See our "Bird Feeders" page for some photos.

Q.  I've just been reading the "Feeding Tips" article on your "Bird Feeders" page. Your article states that birds will not eat wheat. I'm wondering why Bogle Seeds grow and sell wheat.
A.  We use wheat in our Chicken scratch mixture.

Q.  I'm using your "Squirrel Buster" feeder hung from a shepherd's hook in my back yard. I've noticed that when some of the larger birds (like crows) land on the ring, they are heavy enough to close off access to the feeding chambers. What can I do to fix this so larger birds can also eat the seeds?
A.   The "Squirrel Buster" feeders have provision to adjust the spring tension that allows feeding for heavier birds. Refer to the instruction brochure that came with your feeder to see how this is done. If you have a problem, bring the feeder to us and we will adjust it for you.

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